3 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Party

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Party

Every time somebody throws a party, they dream that it will be the event everybody talks about, brags about, compares to, and never forgets. Parties that are dull leaves the host with a bad reputation and the guests wanting to leave early. That is any party host’s worst nightmare and needs to be avoided at all costs. Follow these three steps to spice up your next party to make it memorable and iconic.


1) Live Entertainment 


Music can drastically change the mood of the party, and so it is vital to have the best out there. Nothing kills the vibe like bad music or plain silence. The easiest solution? Look to have live entertainment for hire at your party.


It is an effortless way to keep the crowd pleased and popping with entertainers who are skilled musicians. It is not likely that every party has live people playing good music, making the party even more unforgettable. 


Live music adds a different atmosphere that sets the mood just right. It takes a lot of pressure off of the hostess, instead of finding the perfect songs, playlists, speakers, etc. They already have the rest of the party to tend to or set up. 


2) Create the Best Menu


Set aside a reasonable amount of time to plan and create the best menu for the party you are throwing. Take into consideration how much time this will all take and make sure to plan accordingly. Nothing annoys hungry guests like waiting for the food to be done.


If you have a theme for the party, make sure to incorporate elements that help represent it. For example, if you have a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, you may want some Mexican food in the mix.


It’s important to remember not to go too above and beyond in a circumstance like this. Unless you are an expert with food, now may not be the best time to try some fancy, exotic, and hard-to-cook appetizer. It could turn out horribly, not to mention you might be exhausted from cooking by the time the party rolls around. Focus on the essentials and the amount everyone will be eating, so you don’t run out.


3) Add Pizazz by Strategically Decorating

Incorporating decorations to your event is the perfect way to add a little bit of zest to the function. It also makes the guests feel special and honored to be invited because they know it took effort. It shows dedication while prettying up the setting. 


Focus on a theme; it can be specific or as broad as you like. Anything from The Roaring 20’s to Simple Summer Campfire to Super Bowl. Countless cheap DIY decorations are roaming all over the internet to help out as well. 




Planning a party can be stressful, especially when you want it to be truly unforgettable. Get your guests talking for weeks about your hosting when you keep these easy ways to spice up and add some flavor to your party.

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