Five easy ways to improve brain function and concentration

It’s funny to hear when someone says: “Oh, I have a bad memory, and there’s nothing to be done about it!” You can train your brain. Of course, if you want.

Remember the last time you woke up energetic, joyfully anticipating the beginning of the day? As a rule, everything happens exactly the opposite: the nasty sound of the alarm clock, the reluctance to even pry your nose out from under the covers, not just to dress and joyfully run to work or school.

And how often do you get distracted in the middle of a working day, or even worse: when do you have one or two days left before the project is complete? But how often do you dream and look at the landscape outside the window, instead of focusing on work?

Why are we distracted all the time? Have you thought about this?

Many harmful causes prevent us from focusing on critical matters and concerns. This lack of physical activity, and an unhealthy diet, and the lack of vitamins and minerals necessary for work, and sleepless nights, and daily stresses at work and home. None of us are perfect, and, of course, suffer from at least a few of the above “sins”. But we are not in kindergarten and adulthood requires an adult relationship.

So what to do if now and then you are distracted to the detriment of work and study?

We offer Five easy ways that improve brain function and promote concentration.

Practice mindfulness meditation

Scientists have conducted dozens of studies that have confirmed that nothing has a positive effect on concentration development than mindfulness meditation. And it will take you quite a bit of time!

Give up meaningless viewing of photos on social networks for some 10 minutes and devote them to a more useful lesson – the practice of awareness.

At the same time, you will not only improve your brain function and learn how to concentrate easily and quickly, but you will also become more calm and peaceful. I suppose that after that you don’t want to waste time on social networks that used to be “calmed down” (but in fact, you’ve started up yourself even more).

The practice of mindfulness improves memory and helps to concentrate better due to intense relaxation. You get rid of extraneous noise and interference, from all unnecessary thoughts that interfere with life and work. So – the mind clears up, and you begin to think clearly and in the case.

Besides, mindfulness meditation is an effective way to combat anxiety and depression.

Nourish memory and concentration

A balanced diet is vital for the brain to function. But how to calculate how many grams and which substances will take daily to help your mind? This is unrealistic, agree. Fortunately, modern science has developed so many different nutritional supplements that no nutritional deficiency is terrible.

For example, everyone knows that the ginkgo Biloba plant is an excellent memory stimulant. But you will not go to China to buy the leaves of this miraculous tree for breakfast! But there are no hopeless situations: you can buy a biologically active supplement (BAA) in the pharmacy, which includes this plant.

Another very effective nutritional supplement that many ignore is folic acid. Folic acid is a vitamin of group B, which is necessary for the full functioning of the brain. Folic acid supplementation also helps fight depression and helps with inflammation. Incidentally, this vitamin contains many foods, such as asparagus, romaine lettuce, Brussels sprouts, and other green vegetables. It is also part of many dietary supplements.

Try to use gadgets less often

What concentration and memory can we talk about if a modern person sleeps with a smartphone? We exchange messages and pictures every minute, receive calls and scroll the news feed on social networks aimlessly. Thus, we believe, we are “distracted and calm down.” it is a huge misconception. Therefore, we only clog our brains with unnecessary information. He works at high speeds!

It is impossible to increase concentration when the brain is tired. And without a full night’s sleep, your mind will be worn all the time. To calm him down, turn off your computers and smartphones before going to bed. Better have a cup of tea, read your favourite book. If the thought of turning off the phone is unbearable for you, then at least take it to another room. Let him sleep there until morning.

Maintain Normal Blood Sugar

Our brain feeds on glucose, and for proper functioning, it needs to have good blood sugar levels. Horse racing at this level is a real stress for our brain!

The best way to maintain blood sugar is through a healthy and balanced diet, eating foods with a low glycemic index. In other words, try to lower your intake of foods such as white bread, rice, pasta, cookies, or sweets.

Do not worry: you will not stay hungry! These products can work successfully with less tasty ones: bread and whole wheat pasta, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. Eating complex carbohydrates helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. And that means – memory and ability to concentrate – will noticeably improve.

Train your brain

Our brain is the same muscle as everyone else. What happens to the tissues when we wallow on the couch all day, throwing the gym membership on the top shelf of the closet? That’s right: they become loose and devoid of energy. The same thing happens with the brain.

To use your brain effectively, you need to learn one simple truth: billions of neurons in our heads tend to activate. And those that are activated form bonds. Contacting the same pattern several times, they work wonders. That is, our brain is a muscle that can train.

“How can you train your brain?” – you ask. But very simple! Try to read as much as possible. Solve crosswords, learn foreign languages!

Another way is to communicate with other people and practice positive thinking.

The main thing is to avoid monotony. Try to continually use all five senses with which nature has awarded a person not just, but to learn this world.

The human brain changes under the influence of external experience mean that the genetic set given to us from birth determines only the potential strengths and weaknesses of the personality, but does not affect memory and concentration. Therefore, it’s funny to hear when someone says: “Oh, I have a bad memory, and there’s nothing to be done about it!” You can reconfigure your brain if you want to – the main thing is to exercise regularly and hard!


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