How Does Freeconferencecall Make Money?

Freeconferencecall Make Money

How Does freeconferencecall make money? I have shared answers to “freeconference call making money” question by the CEO of the company itself. In this post you will get deep answer of your question. So keep reading.

Did you know that when you use, you help them to provide free communications to people over the world?


To begin, let’s quickly cover how Freeconferencecall Make Money. make money when their incredible users choose to pay us.

 What they think is fair for our service. 

And when they decide to add account upgrades.

 It is like one number.

freeconferencecall make money just like other phone companies in u.s. do.

 It is when people dial into their network. 

And their carriers pay them fractions of a cent per minute for that call.

Free conference call uses that money to build the infrastructure. 

It is needed to give charity volunteers and students all over the world.

It is to access to a free, world-class audio and video communication tools.

 These tools touch the lives of millions of people some amazing nonprofits use to help those in the special needs community develop skills.

It will help them become more independent religious leaders. 

They use the tool to minister to and support elderly members—those who cannot leave their homes.

And disaster responders have written in sharing how they use the tools and times of crisis charities and volunteers from all over the world.

They have reached out. They’ve hoped that you feel great knowing that they’re only able to do this because of people like you.

 When you have your next meeting, we hope you smile a bit knowing that because you’re part of th community.

 you’re making the world a more open free and connected place

Freeconferencecall Make Money

Words Of CEO about “Freeconferencecall Make Money”?

Hi, I’m Dave Erickson, the CEO and founder of free conference 

Recently I reached out to our users because we were being attacked by big telecom.

 We ask you to share it with us. 

This is what the free conference called calm community and service means to you.

 The responses were overwhelming; they touched me more than I can ever express.

 On group reached out to us. 

Group told us that their self-help group was being bowling.

They gather their solution was to set up a weekly video conferencing using a free conference call.

 So that they could collect in a safe place. 

A pastor told us that he uses the service to minister to the elderly who cannot lead their disaster responders. 

And he shared stories charities an volunteers from around the world reached out. 

The list went on and off. 

Helping the world to connect freely

It’s people like this person like you who have pushed us to build the best audio and video conferencing tool of the world.

 Everyone is talking about zoom right now, and before them, it was going to meet. We offer customers everything to zoom.

GoToMeeting offer because we believe everyone deserves access to a world-class audio and video communication tools.

The #1 que. I get from people is Dave, how does freeconferencecall make money.

 The answer is this,

freeconferencecall make money just like a phone company when people call into our network. Their carriers pay us a fraction of a cent.

Remember, big telecom is now threatening. They’re threatening on us.

They seemingly miss out, and I don’t think it’s fair. I promise you that I will definitely continue to keep fighting. 

But we also know we must find another way. 

 A way to make this service available to you and everyone else.

New Concept

That’s why we’re introducing a new concept.

We’re asking users to pay what they can if that’s four dollars a month. Then also it’s great.

 If it’s the fifteen dollars that zoom or goes to meeting with a charge for Parable product, and it would be a huge help. If you can’t pay anything right now. 

No problem. This is a huge social experiment people have told us. It won’t work, but I believe in our community.

 I think people will embrace the opportunity to pay us.

 Whatever they feel is fair. 

Especially know that their contributions will help us to continue to offer this service to all of the nonprofit’s charities and students around the world.

 Those who rely upon every contribution matters.

If you’d like to help us. 

Then please log into your account. You’ll see this screen. 

 There you can select how much you’d like to contribute.

If you aren’t part of the community yet. 

You want to join please click here and create an account and get started from all of us at

Online collaboration should be easy. And that’s why offers online meetings.

How you can join?

 It is to give you a complete set of interactive collaboration tools, audio conferencing screen sharing, and video conferencing simpler, faster, and more productive.

Getting started is easy to download the desktop app from

To start your meeting, click host; all your details will appear in the menu bar.

Then click here to invite participants to email them or copy the details to the clipboard.

Click the camera to share your video. And select telephone to dial into your meeting to sync audio with your video feed.

And then, enter your audio sync in the pound sign using your phone, and you’re ready to go.

Start screen sharing if you click the play button.

 You can select other things to share.

 I’m going to share my desktop and apps click here to record the conference.

 Now I can begin presenting using the drawing tool I can highlight the presentation.

 I can open this up to a participant to edit on my desktop while I’m talking.

 I can take back control. Indeed, to answer some questions to stop screen sharing.

And also, stop sharing your video.

Then stop my recording.

 It is that simple online meetings are a simple solution for making easy online collaboration. 

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