Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homework

The concept of homework has been followed since ages and does not see an end even today. No student likes doing homework and they start feeling anxious when the deadline for submission of their homework starts approaching. Teachers and parents should help their children to overpower their fear of homework. 


Different people have a different opinion on homework. Some of them think that homework adds to the burden of a student’s life while others think that it is useful for them and help them keep a regular check on students. 

It is very important that a child should be given the right assistance to help him with his work. He should be encouraged at every step and must be motivated to learn from his mistakes. They should be inspired to take an interest in the homework activities so that they do not run away from work. Being unable to complete their homework on their own, they look for homework answers

Major disadvantages and advantages of homework are discussed below:


Advantages of homework

  • Homework enables the teachers to know if the students understood the subject matter or not

As homework is based on the topic covered or discussed in the class, it is easy for the teacher to evaluate if the concept done in the class is grasped by the students or not. The teacher is able to point out the mistakes of the child while checking the homework and makes him understand the correct thing. Thus, for regular evaluation, homework is important.

  • Homework helps the students to analyse their area of improvement

Nobody likes their notebook filled with the red marks but instead of taking it in a negative way, one should be optimistic enough to earn from their mistakes. Doing homework on a regular basis helps you know the mistakes that you commit and you get a room to improve yourself. You know the weak areas you need to work on and as a result, your performance keeps increasing with every passing day.

  • Homework prepares the students for tests

There are times when all of a sudden surprise tests happen. If you have a habit of doing your homework regularly, there is no chance that you will not be able to perform well in a test. Also, in the tests that keep going on from time to time, there is a scope that you do really well after you do your homework regularly.

  • Homework strengthens the bond between the children and parents

When parents help their children to do their homework, the bond between them strengthens and the child feels secure that he has someone who cares for him. Parents also get a chance to be a part of their children’s lives and see the new things that their children learn.

Disadvantages of homework

  • Homework makes the students exhausted

After a tiresome day at school, the energy gets drained out of the students. On top of it, children are expected to continue to do their work after school as well which deprives them of playing and doing all the activities that they enjoy. The routine becomes monotonous especially high school students who have their coaching classes soon after the school gets over.

  • There is no Assurance of Improvement in the Subject Matter

There is no guarantee that the student will improve in the subject area after practising for regular hours. On the contrary, it might happen that the continuous pressure would lead to stress and he would perform even worse than before.

  • The health of the students gets adversely affected

The pressure from the school authorities, tutors, parents deteriorates the mental health of the child. Regular homework, assignments, projects and tests take a toll on a student’s life and he is not able to enjoy the basic things in life.

  • Lack of Co-curricular activities

Due to the pressure of getting good marks in class, students are unable to participate in the co-curricular activities of the school like debates, dance or singing competition and the overall development of the student takes a backseat. This should not happen as these activities are very important for honing the skills of the students.


Homework is that part of academic life which you cannot part with. Every new level of academics that you step at will require you to do things and you will learn something new with every single passing day.

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