Homework with ICT: learn more, better and safely


One of the many pieces of evidence that we have today that education is changing. It is that for the first time, an in-depth debate has opened about whether homework. 

It is essential for meaningful student learning or not. There has been a significant stir recently, as the prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics has released the results of one of its latest research.

 That says that children who spend more time with devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers do not deliver on time their duties. 

They ensure that the more time they spend using ICTs. The less time they spend on homework, so, proportionally, fewer children turn in homework.


There are not a few voices that have spoken out against this thesis. We can see the reflection on this topic in spaces. 

As recommended as the Enrique Dans blog. And learn how ICTs are essential for formal, informal, ubiquitous, and meaningful learning by personalities like Jordi Adell.

However, aside from the debate about whether homework is necessary or not, as parents and teachers. We must be critical and ask ourselves a reasonable question:



Why using ICT will limit the time to do homework?

The professional future of today’s children will be 100% linked to the use of technology.

Even if they work on farms or in hairdressing salons, it is not necessary to be an engineer to need to use them since they are social technologies that connect us and solve many problems of time and work management. 


Why don’t we help our little ones to be efficient with ICT?

There are many apps and web pages that can be very interesting to do homework. In this way, as parents and teachers.

 We can encourage them to learn through homework while educating them on the correct use of ICT. 

If you want to start using your smartphone, tablet, or computer to do homework with your children, we recommend some apps:

Useful Apps to do Homework

  • GoConqr: This is an application where, in addition to allowing you to create your resources, you can share them and learn with your colleagues anytime, anywhere. It is free for IOS and Android.
  • Lumosity: So that children do not start their homework cold, this mental trainer before homework. In addition to having fun, promotes memory and skills. Free for IOS and Android
  • SelfControl: It is effortless to get distracted by ICT, so this application helps to manage time as well as avoid procrastination. Free for IOS
  • Maths Alarm Clock: Another of the impediments that our little ones usually have is that of wanting to sleep and sleep. Through this app, you can not postpone the alarm clock without waking up before since you will have to solve problems to do it!
  • Studious: it is an app to organize your study time, your schedule, exams With the option of putting the mobile phone on silent when entering class. Free for IOS and Android
  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator: If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you will not need to buy a scientific calculator, you will always carry it with you. Free

The more time you spent with your children using ICT, the more you strengthen not only your relationship with them but their trust

They will feel that they have nothing to hide from you because they will see in you a father who gives them freedom while educating them safely.

Remember: prohibiting is never the solution; it is always better to educate.


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