How to know if you are becoming a better Rummy player?

How to know if you are becoming a better Rummy player

Rummy is a game of skill and strategy. Being new to the game a lot of amateurs make some silly mistakes in their excitement or shortage of time. Also, a lot of players lose confidence once they get their cards and they wait for better cards while their opponents start playing seriously right from the beginning and win. Having the presence of mind to use whatever cards are at hand and play with the right strategy makes a lot of difference in a rummy game. 


Also in cash rummy, keeping track of points and making the right decisions separates the experts from the novice. There are a few characteristics of expert rummy players that define the quality of the game they play. Once you notice those characteristics within you when you are playing rummy, you will know that you are getting better at rummy. The following are some of the characteristics of an expert rummy player. 


Keeping a calm and focused mind: Most expert rummy players know the value of being focused and calm when playing. There are a lot of calculations and strategy making involved in playing the game. A lot of new players get excited and impatient when they have a good hand. It is always important to keep your strong cards to yourself and observe the opponent and their gameplay to understand the kind of cards they have before revealing your gameplay. Patience is important in having a successful run in a game of rummy. Especially in cash rummy when the stakes are high- it’s important to be patient. 


Know when to use high-value cards: It is standard advice that most amateur rummy players are given when they are just starting to play the game- to discard the high-value cards at the beginning of the game. But professionals know how to manipulate such cards. High-value cards are given high focus. Experts know that there is the use of high-value cards to make sets while novice players will stick to the rules they have been given. This can be used against novice players by experts who always think a step ahead of their opponents. Experts rely on novices to discard their high-value cards while they play the cards carefully to get the best use out of them, 


Keep changing tactics: Rummy is a game of skill, which is why it is hard to predict the outcome of such a game. People who start playing the game with a fixed strategy will find it hard to win against experts who keep changing their strategy to throw their opponents off. New players always have a fixed game plan which they have devised after playing different games. But professionals never have a fixed strategy other than observing their opponents and learning new skills as the game progresses. Professionals always keep track of what cards are being played and try to guess the opponent’s strategy. Using their analytic skills experts will keep changing tactics as they keep memorizing the gameplay of opponents so that they can create loopholes for their opponents to fall into. One thing experts are good at is being prepared for anything. One of the best approaches to a game, when one feels stuck or waiting for some card to show up to form a set, is to rearrange your perspective and use whatever is at hand. 


Keep your strategy to yourself: Many beginners believe that bluffing is not an option in cash rummy. That is exactly why professionals are good at using this trick. They know how to create illusions by the way they play their cards. One thing every beginner should know is to never underestimate their opponents and to always be observant and cautious of the way opponents are playing. Experts sometimes use their low-value cards at the beginning of the game to confuse their opponents. While beginners also know of this strategy, the professionals know how, when, and against whom to use such a trick. 


Good observation skill: As mentioned earlier, observing your opponent is critical in a game of cash rummy where the stakes are high. A novice will only concentrate on their own cards but a professional player will keep track of how their opponents are playing their cards to have an idea of the kind of cards that their opponent holds. Having the skills of observation separates the professionals from the novices. Predicting the moves of players by observing their gameplay will give one a winning edge.


Unlearn age-old strategies: Everyone knows the typical game strategies of cash rummy and using those same strategies in every game will not work since even the new player knows such moves. Keep up to date with the new strategies of playing cash rummy. Make sure to use common moves rarely while you devise new ways of winning the game. This will give you an edge over your opponents and make them use some of their game strategy from which you can learn some new tricks or two. 


Know when to give up: Not every game will be an easy one, neither will the cards you will get will be good or even workable. Knowing when to drop your cards is important since money is involved in rummy. A novice will try to work with the cards given to them and go on to lose the game. There is no loss of pride in giving up when you know that the cards are just not right to win a game. 


Rummy is all about strategies and developing individual gameplay. Once you see that you are moving away from age-old rules and thinking of the game with your own intellect and intelligence you know that you are improving in playing the game. Don’t be disheartened if you do not succeed immediately after starting to play the game. Cash rummy is a highly skillful game and only practicing will help you to improve. 

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