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How To Make 30k Fast On YouTube?

Girl showing 30K making money fast

Some live from making content on YouTube, and you could be one of them.

How to make 30k fast: If you are reading this post and searching for how to make 30k fast. Then remember me back in 2015. 

My online journey has started. I didn’t know that the online market is present. And in the online market, you can make 30K fast. 

You should ask me question why I am talking about making 30K fast. Actually “make 30k” fast is my favourite word. 

“Make 30K fast” this may seem superficial. But, it is an achievable target.

You need passion.

 You have to have dedication. You can make 30K fast, especially on youtube. It will take a huge effort. You should become a value provider.

Youtube has so many millions of existing channels.

 YouTube is not easy to stand out. However, if you are creative, determined and somewhat lucky, you could do it. 

And if you get to know how to make 30k fast on YouTube. 

You could make a good regular income. 

Hopefully, you might even send your boss to hell and quit your job.

Well, don’t do it yet: First, read the following guide carefully. We will show you how to start monetizing your YouTube account and make 30k fast.

Guy is watching video on how to make 30k fast on youtube

YouTube Partner Program Announcements

The easiest way to earn money on YouTube is to put ads on your channel. 

To do that, you must join the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). 

This has some conditions: you need a channel that has had at least 4,000 views in the last 12 months. 

And also at least a thousand subscribers, and your content must comply with YouTube guidelines.

Head over to your channel’s YouTube Studio monetization page. 

The process includes accepting the YPP terms of use. 

And you need to create a Google AdSense account. And it links to your channel and allows ads to appear in your content.

Then you will have to wait for YouTube to approve your account. Official YouTube guidelines state that the response takes about a month; Be patient.

If your request is not approved, it may be necessary for you to make some modifications to your way of making videos.

Also, you need to modify the content type. 

Misleading title or repetitive content are just two reasons YouTube could deny you access to the YPP. 

But do not worry. You can correct your content and make your request again in a month.

When your account has ads, you can decide what type of advertising you want to show.

You can decide from banner ads at the bottom of the video to ads before. During or after your content. 

These can have different levels of success, depending on the content you make.

You will make 30k fast with your ads. Then you’ve started making some good money.

 You want to charge.

 To do this, follow Google’s guidelines to earn your income with your AdSense account. 

You’ll have to earn at least $ 100 before AdSense pays you, so it could be a few months before you can spend your first YouTube income.

How to avoid demonetization

As YouTube has grown in popularity, Google and its advertisers have become smart and limiting when it comes to the content type they are willing to place ads on. 

These guidelines are continually expanding and changing.

 So it’s not uncommon for a large channel to suddenly come across lots of content that is no longer making money.

It’s not that we suggest limiting your creativity to earn more on YouTube.

However, if you plan to make a living from video creation, you need to make sure you don’t violate YouTube’s demonetization policies.

If you violate YouTube content guidelines, your entire channel could become demonetized, so be cautious.

Google has an extensive content list of content that could lead to demonetization. Here are some examples:

  • Language: a high or repeated use of expletives. Especially if they are related to expressions of hatred.
  • Violence: the contents with too many bloody things and human fluids; real violence towards people or animals and violence or hateful towards children or animals, even if it is fictitious.
  • Adult Content: Almost any sexual content, including mating animals, sexual texts or audios, and stories related to sexual experiences.
  • Harmful acts – pranks, stunts, invasive medical procedures, or anything that promotes physical harm.
  • Hate content: any hate crime, hate speech or abusive behaviour.
  • Recreational Drug Use: Promote or use any illegal substance.
  • Tobacco: Any material that promotes tobacco or tobacco products.
  • Firearms: Anything that promotes the sale of firearms, in addition to their unsafe use.
  • Sensitive topics: war, political conflict or terrorism.

Premium, members and Super Chats

Along with advertising revenue, YouTube offers several additional ways that you can earn money for making good content and managing your brand effectively.

 If someone who pays a Premium YouTube account sees your videos, they won’t see ads. 

But YouTube will pay you anyway. 

Giving certain benefits to those who view your material to become members of your channel is a great way to earn more income.

 You will have to meet another, higher standard to be considered to apply for memberships: you need to make 30K fast subscribers (1,000 in the case of video game channels), be over 18 and live in one of the applicable countries.

If you fulfil all this, you can offer your members advantages such as badges, emojis, videos, live chats and other content.

 What you cannot offer is to meet with members or download videos personally. 

For each person who pays $ 5 a month to become a member, you will receive $ 3.50.

For your most devoted fans, you can offer Super Chat messages. 

This allows them to pay from $ 1 to $ 500 to send a special message highlighted in the chats of your live broadcasts. 

And you can even set them at the beginning of the chat. As with memberships, you get 70 percent of all income.

Product positioning

One way to make 30k fast on YouTube without going through YouTube or giving the platform a slice of your earnings is with the positioning of sponsored products and videos.

 You will have to organize yourself with the companies to obtain these sponsorships. 

YouTube requests that any product sponsorship or positioning conform to its advertising guidelines.


If you ask any of the most successful YouTubers, then it will tell you that almost all the money they get comes from the merchandise. 

Clothing, glasses, mouse mats or anything you can think of that brings a face, or a logo can generate great profits. 

YouTube has a list of authorized merchandise sites. So that you can use if you want to link to them in the videos.

You can also manage your merchandise off-site. If you prefer, leaving YouTube off and also retaining a little more creative control.

 But, if you want to keep things easy to handle, you can use YouTube’s Merch Shelf tool.

 This will allow you to display merchandise within the videos. You can customize what comes out, depending on the video.

As with everything else, YouTube has some rules around the type of merchandise you can sell. 

Take a look at their policies for more information.


I hope you have understood how to make 30k fast—making 30K quick needs to expertise in any one subject. Then you can show off that skill on youtube. It will help you to make 30K fast.

If you are expert in any specific topic. Then you can create your own courses. And you can launch it. If you have a loyal audience they will definitely buy it in a moment. That’s how you can expect to make more than 30K fast.

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