How to study with the help of new technologies?


With distractions and concentration tools just a few clicks away, new technologies can change the way you study.

  • Studying in the age of technology can be easy.
  • Students of all races and levels can take advantage of the typical tools of this time.
  • There are advantages and disadvantages when studying new technologies.

Both at the level of the careers that can be taken, and the tools that are available when looking to focus on reading, new technologies have completely changed the way of studying

These allow students to complete a full list of options, ranging from studying online to concentrating on learning dozens of topics in the same week.

More and more teachers are using Information and Communication Technologies to plan their classes, and students are incorporating them into their study processes to make them more efficient and increasing both their productivity and their qualifications.


How to use them to study?

Both computers and tablets or even mobile phones can be used for studying.

Its main feature and advantage for this task are that they allow you to browse the internet to look for information, ask questions, or search for inspiration. 

In addition, they allow the installation of apps with which to create presentations, organize projects, process documents, and even program clocks to control study time and breaks.

How to study

Do you have to study for the test or exam? Follow these tips to do it hand in hand with new technologies :

  1.  Find a format with which you feel comfortable, to know what elements to use.
  2. Design a study plan that includes them but does not focus solely on them
  3. Consider the devices you have to use the one that is most comfortable for you.
  4. Do not use them simply because they are within your reach, but because you genuinely consider them useful.

One of the significant characteristics of these devices is that they facilitate the creation of groups and communities.

So they can also be used for teamwork. It can apply to maintain communications with classmates who contribute to the study.

Traditionally, it is believed that these technologies should be kept out of sight in moments of study. 

It is to avoid temptations and distractions, but the truth is that when used correctly, they can be truly useful.

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