Human Resources: Top 5 Skills Makes You Unstoppable!

Human Resources professionals

Human Resources professionals

The Human Resources department is extremely important for every company. There are many organizations that delegate the management of the Human Resources department to people.

Who are totally unrelated to this type of area which damages employees and the company.

The people management departments carry out functions that can vary from one company to another. And depending on the size and activity that they carry out.

In small companies, the obligations are executed in a few sections and often some tasks are entrusted to specialized consultants.

In large companies, it is more complex because these areas must be subdivided into sections. 

That is responsible for activities related to workforce planning, selection and, training of personnel. And also for the design of the remuneration system.

And also for the evaluation of results, creation of training, among other functions.

Manager functions

The executive in charge of people management is the one who has direct contact with employers and collaborators, which gives him the possibility of fulfilling certain tasks.

Therefore, it is important to know the functions of the head of human resources. Learn More, For example:

  • Resolve all complaints and eventualities of workers with the company
  • Organize the training programs that employees must take to improve their functions in the company.
  • Elaborate on the different personnel policies so that the human person of the organization is adequate.
  • Manage the recruitment, selection, training and development processes of company personnel.
  • Bring the names of the employees so that they receive their benefits on the indicated date.
  • Manage the labor security protocols to fulfill their obligations and functions.


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Executive Skills

In this sense, it is important to know the qualities and skills that the head of Human Resources of an organization should have. These are the five skills that the people management leader must master:

1.- Active listening 

The Head of Human Resources must learn to listen, a quality that very few manage to develop and that is vital to be able to understand and resolve the needs and problems faced by employees.

2.- Learning capacity 

These Talent Management professionals must observe in detail the behavior of their workers to understand their needs and, based on this, define remuneration and compensation systems.

3.- Conflict resolution 

Conflicts are situations that occur frequently when working with people, so that responsible for the Human Resources department must have the ability to find the solution to these problems in a fair and equitable way. In which all parties are satisfied.

4.- Negotiation Capacity 

In order to resolve conflicts, the Head of Human Resources must know how to negotiate and reach agreements. That benefit the workers and the company.

In some cases, yielding to demands could create an atmosphere of friendliness and motivation among workers, but these must be fair and accessible to the company.

Human Resources managers who learn to reach a midpoint tend to have successful efforts.

5.- Compensation administration

Workers who meet or exceed expectations must be compensated and motivated with courses or diplomas that increase their skills and that these are put into service of the company.

A worker feels that they value their effort when trained. Knowing how to manage these actions can improve the competitiveness of companies.

Those responsible for managing people are professionals who can kick – start a business. Proper management of the needs of workers can generate the financial growth of an organization.

A look Into The Future

With the emergence of entrepreneurial professionals and Startups, traditional companies have recognized new organizational structures, some of them focused on the area of ​​Human Resources ( HR ).

In this sense, the main functions of a head of human resources, towards the future will be-: identify the needs of human capital, attract the best candidates, and empower those who are able to link with the company, all supported in a technological environment, that facilitates the management and administration processes.

Do you think that all Human Resources managers meet these skills? Leave your opinions.

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