Motivational Graphic Design Elements for Fitness Logo

Motivational Graphic Design Elements for Fitness Logo

Today fitness centers have become the need of the hour. From the last few years, we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the demand and knowledge of fitness. The reason behind this can be because of the influence of celebrities or an easy availability of personalized trainers or becoming a necessity for people to lead a healthy life. Whatever is the reason; this has given an opportunity to a lot of entrepreneurs to start their entrepreneurial journey with the fitness business.

So you have started a fitness business? Congratulations! But with more and more companies emerging every day, it’s not easy to make a mark and win the hearts of the audience. Being a novice, the first thing that will set you apart from competitors is your company logo. A well-designed logo catches the attention of the audience and communicates the core values of a business at a glance. One of the famous graphic designers, Saul Bass, defined logos as, “Logos are a graphic extension of internal realities of a company.”

For every start-up, designing a logo is perhaps the biggest challenge. It is because the success and failure of start-ups are directly correlated with the logo. Creating a logo doesn’t mean to simply develop a beautiful design. To ensure that the logo not only looks great but also works successfully for the company or a brand, there are many factors that need to be taken care of. Here are some of the most motivational design elements that can help you create a great fitness logo.

  • Shape:

The shape of a logo says a lot about a brand. It can tell the audience if the brand is friendly, artistic, or serious. Logos come in a variety of shapes such as triangle, oval, circle, rectangle, diamond, and many other shapes. While creating a fitness logo, consider both the positive (which you are incorporating deliberately) and negative shapes (which are formed naturally). Before finalizing the shape, make sure the selected shape is correlated with the graphic image that you have chosen. Also, it should be relevant to your business. Here is a quick break down of the meaning of shapes in a logo design:

  • Triangles: stability, excitement, balance, risk.
  • Rectangles and Squares: reliability, discipline, security, strength, courage
  • Circles, Ovals, and Ellipses: female, eternity, mystery, magic, universe
  • Natural shapes: originality, refreshment, balance, organic
  • Abstract shapes: uniqueness, elaborate, the duality of meaning
  • Spirals shapes: intelligence, growth, calmness, creativity
  • Colors:

Colors are an inevitable element of design. They have the power to make or break a design, set a mood, or even influence the perceptions and emotions of the audience. The industry experts studied the response of consumers to each color and determined a tone for a brand. So what can be the ideal colors for creating a gym logo? Well, to answer this question, you need to understand the meanings of each color. Here is a quick break down:

  • Blue: Secure, Trustworthy, Responsible
  • Red: Motivating, Passionate, Vibrant
  • Pink: Loving, Calm, Feminine
  • Green: Peaceful, Natural, Healthy
  • Black: Prestigious, Exclusive, Luxe
  • Yellow: Cheerful, Friendly, Warm
  • White: Practical, Pure, Innocent
  • Space:

Space is precisely what resonates, like the empty areas between the design elements. This is the most underutilized element of design. Though there are a lot of techniques to create an impressive logo, the use of negative space gives logos an extra edge, sophistication, and attraction. The beauty of negative or white space is that it excites the audience to find the hidden design. But make sure the space you create in your fitness logo is related to your business and conveys the intended message. For example: Yoga Australia.

The brand logo is in the shape of a girl doing yoga asana. Though the pose itself conveys the message of leading a healthy life, the designer has cleverly created the map of Australia in the design by using the negative space; making it one of the iconic fitness logo designs.

  • Line:

A line is a basic and foremost element to create any graphic design. They can be thick, thin, smooth, rough, or continuous. Just like colors and shapes, lines also convey a hidden message. For example, horizontal lines signify a sense of immobility and peace, whereas vertical lines represent grandeur. You can use lines to highlight particular information in a busy composition or to draw attention to a particular area. Adidas and IBM are the perfect examples of line-based logos. The lines used in the IBM logo, represent a sense of unity, whereas the lines used in the Adidas logo, make people feel like they are being challenged to push their limits.

  • Fonts: 

This is another motivational graphic design element in a logo. Fonts give a touch of personality to a logo, which in turn creates a personality for a brand or a business. There are thousands of fonts available today. Deciding on how many fonts to choose depends on and varies from individual to individual. Though there are no hard and fast rules involved in using any specific number of fonts, but incorporating multiple fonts in a single design can be a little challenging. But if you manage to nail it, the results can be exceptional. Helvetica, Bobber, Rockwell are some of the fonts that are best suited for creating a fitness logo.


Logos are often the first impression of a company. The more strategically and thoughtfully you design it, the better will be the results. While creating a fitness logo, make sure the design is compatible with all mediums, including the website.

Author Bio:

Jelly Shah works as a Digital Marketer, brand consultant and business strategist with Designhill- A reliable marketplace for logo maker, business card maker, health logo, fitness logo, customized & personalized tank tops design, and many other designing works. With extensive experience working both client side and within the agency environment, he has authored several articles on topics related to digital marketing, business strategies, content marketing etc.


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