Selling on 3dcart? Here’s What to Look for In Your Shipping Software

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eCommerce, like traditional retail, is a low-margin business that requires effective strategies and plenty of savvy. The most successful 3dcart e-tailers also use a range of tools to optimize their business operations, including ecommerce shipping software.

There are several benefits of using shipping software, which is why millions of ecommerce sellers are signed up to use the dozens of solutions available on the market. Typically, you get access to low rates, which quickly add up to massive savings every single year. Using software saves you time as well, and as a busy e-tailer, time is money. You get to skip the trips to the post office and print shipping labels from your home, office or wherever you work.

Shipping software for 3dcart also keeps you organized by showing the status of every customer order, which then elevates your customer service because you get visibility into their shipments and can answer their questions, if they have any. Even better: It’s all automated.

Simply put, shipping software makes your shipping workflows easier and far more efficient. If you’re selling on 3dcart and are at the point where you need a shipping software for your business, congratulations. To give you a better idea of what today’s leading solutions offer, we borrow some examples from ReadyCloud’s popular solution for this shopping cart.

Great Rates

Shipping rate calculations are incredibly complicated because there are multiple carriers, all offering different rates that are always changing throughout the year due to surges and other seasonal factors. This means the hunt for great rates is a difficult one because each carrier’s website has slightly different navigation, and you must click between tabs to make comparisons. With 3dcart shipping software, however, you know you’re getting the best rates.

Shipping software providers leverage their relationships with shipping carriers to access low rates, and they can pass those rates on to software users. It’s a win all around because the carriers know they have loyal customers, the software providers get to better serve customers, and you pay less for shipping.

Ease of Use

Software has made huge strides and diversified to match industry-specific needs. The complexities of many programs have led to providers offering “onboarding” where new users can learn the software’s features alongside an expert who can answer questions and help them set up workflows. Despite this, it’s not uncommon for businesses to abandon their new technology because it is simply too complicated.

Ask yourself when you’re researching 3dcart shipping software: Will this fit into my everyday operations? You want a solution that is easy to use with intuitive navigation and a clean user interface. For example, look at this user dashboard that shows an informative snapshot of online store performance data:

The side menu is self-explanatory, meaning you won’t get stuck because the software is too complex.

Additional Features

If your shipping process requires having multiple browser tabs open, it’s not as efficient as it could be. The best 3dcart shipping software has add-on features so you can streamline the entire fulfillment side of your ecommerce business and automatically connect your shipping data to your performance analytics.

Here’s a real-world example: connecting shipping software to ecommerce CRM software. When you add on a CRM tool, you can automatically import all your shipping data to your “modern day rolodex” and have each shipment assigned to a customer. Then, you’ll have a better idea of where your customers are located so you can use that information to inform your future marketing campaigns and new product ideation.

Another example of a helpful add-on: returns. Countless studies and surveys have revealed that customers value a hassle-free returns policy. Contrary to what many e-tailers think, making returns difficult doesn’t prevent them from happening. They only get unhappy customers, poor online reviews and a bad reputation. 3dcart sellers with easy returns policies, on the other hand, give consumers the confidence they need to make a purchase without physically experiencing the product because they know they can return it if it doesn’t work out. Adding returns to your shipping software is the logical next step because it means both the outgoing and incoming shipments are handled smoothly and professionally.

Cost Per License

Solopreneurs and small companies are less likely to think of the cost per user because there are so few people on the team, but your company won’t stay small forever. In fact, shipping software will free up the time and resources to focus more on growth, which means your business can scale faster than you might have anticipated. This means new hires and new licenses for your shipping software.

Look for a provider that has a low cost per user to ensure you’re not overpaying for your shipping software. Some 3dcart shipping software solutions only charge $20 per user, which is a miniscule expense when the revenue from new business is far outpacing the price.

Software Reliability

There are countless technology startups with great ideas but poor execution, sometimes due to no fault of their own. Funding is scarce, and even massive companies struggle to be profitable. Just look at Uber.

That’s why reliability is such an important factor to consider. Has the company been around for a long time, or are they brand new? Are there past and current customers who can attest to the product’s usability, including any downtime anomalies? Be sure to read plenty of reviews and utilize the free trial if it’s offered before investing in a solution that won’t even last you a year.

Compatibility with Carriers

As a 3dcart seller, the chances are high that you’re using USPS, UPS, WorldShip,, Endicia, Pitney Bowes, FedEx or DHL as your shipping carrier of choice. You’ve already done the research to find the carrier that best fits your needs, which is why you shouldn’t have to switch to a different one just so you can use a shipping software. The best solutions in the business are flexible and have relationships with all the carriers listed, so all you must do is log in.

Shipping is a complex process, but software makes it easier. Do your due diligence before choosing a 3dcart shipping software provider, and in a matter of days, you’ll see the difference it makes.

As you can see, not all shipping software systems are equal. If you’re looking for the best way to find options to consider for solutions, check out helpful resource websites like to get a better idea of what’s out there for your shipping needs.

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