Top 5 Front-End Tools for Web App Development

Web applications have maintained its top position within the tech market. Due to the large number of features and functionalities this platform offers, companies choose web apps for their business growth. Whether its memory storage, high security, powerful navigation or attractive user-interface, web apps never disappoint its users. It allows working on latest and advanced technologies with much lower costs. Multiple tools have been launched that make the entire process of web app development easier and faster for the developers. Since user-interface is the major element that directly interacts with the users, it should be the center of attention for app developers.

Not all tools can provide features to create a wonderful interface; it requires much more functionalities with high security and usability. Have a look on the top 5 front-end tools used for web app development.


  1. JS

AngularJS is one of the most popular tools used by web developers to build amazing user interfaces. It’s a free and open-source front-end tool that allows extending the vocabulary based on HTML. AngularJS develops an environment where you can easily develop eye-catching front-end for web applications. It’s readable, expressive and quick to build an interface which makes it the most used tool to build user interfaces within web apps. It allows you to work on other libraries giving you freedom to modify features according to your development process. Features like data binding; deep linking, form validation, reusable components, built-in testability and localization are some of the most important features provided by AngularJS. Code written using this tool is easy to test and maintain, providing clean readable format.


  1. Chrome DevTools

Chrome DevTools is another fabulous front-end tool used by a huge number of web app developers. It’s suitable for every type of business ranging from small to large scale. This fabulous tool is free of cost which makes it preferable for most of the developers. Chrome DevTools allow viewing and changing Page’s style and DOM. With this amazing tool you can easily run and debug JavaScript, View messages, edit pages on-the-fly, optimize website speed and diagnose problems quickly. Inspecting network activity is also available in Chrome DevTools. It offers performance panel functionalities which helps in analyzing runtime performance, diagnosing forced synchronous layouts and much more. It has amazing security panel functionalities that understands security issues for memory panel, application panel etc.


  1. Sass

Sass is a free front-end tool used for building outstanding interfaces for web applications. It’s the extension of CSS language which is a more stable and mature version of it. It allows web developers to use nested rules, mixing, variables and functions. Sass also helps in design sharing within the projects or among them. Through Sass you can organize large style sheets with much ease that also saves lots of developer’s time. It supports multiple inheritances to make the entire code manageable and understandable. Sass contains some outstanding features including loops, variables, nesting, arguments etc. It’s highly compatible with CSS and contains a large community that isn’t available in most of the tools. It also gives freedom to create your own functions or use the built-in ones. Wide ranges of frameworks are developed using Sass such as Bourbon, Compass, Susy etc.


  1. Grunt

Grunt is another popular tool for web app development that is basically a JavaScript Task Runner. It’s useful for automation and performs repetitive tasks like unit testing, minification and compilation etc. Grunt provides a huge collection of plugins that eases the entire development process of web applications. It allows you to automate anything you like with minimum efforts. Grunt is easy to install and helps in creating your own Grunt plugin to Npm. For using this powerful front-end tool, you need an excellent app development company that is able to smartly handle all its features efficiently. It requires the latest version of Npm installed on your system to get all the Grunt plugins. You can take help from the ‘Getting Started’ guide provided with the Grunt tool that contains every necessary step for successful installation.


  1. CodePen

CodePen web development tool is widely used containing four plans which include free, annual starter, annual developer and annual super. It also has a team plan that is also affordable like the other plans. It’s an online tool having all the functionalities you need for creation of outstanding front-end. CodePen contains a huge range of designing features along with the sharing of front-end among team members. You can also use this tool for entire web app development as it includes a complete IDE within the browser. It has a customizable editor and focuses on security to keep your all pens private. It includes a simple drag-and-drop images feature and a collaboration mode that allows multiple people to write and edit pen code at the same time.



In a nutshell, web app development is most powerful that is used globally by developers. It’s always the first priority for most of the businesses due to its large range of features and functionalities. It removes all the issues faced in mobile apps by providing easy-to-use interface and powerful back-end development. Choosing a good tool for creation of an app’s front-end could be challenging, thus this article contains all the top tools for web app interface development.

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