Website Promotion: 5 Actionable Tips That Actually works!

Website Promotion 5 best tips. Website Promotion can make or break your content marketing strategy. You need no expert knowledge to learn about ‘Website Promotion’. We have provided this article in super simple language. Super-actionable tips that work actually!

Do you really know, how to promote your website?

Are you familiar with free website promotion advertising ideas?

Nowadays website marketing has become more important than ever. If you are just writing content and wait for google bots. That they will come and crawl your content. Then after indexing your website start ranking on SERP.

In 2020 this strategy may work. However, there are website promotion techniques that work insanely. What if at a certain level, free website promotion is possible. 

If you want to learn fast how to promote a website then you are in the right place. Here in this post, we have shared top super- actionable tips.

Keep reading. You will really enjoy this website promotion technique and I bet you will start applying it right after reading this post.  

Anatoly Litovsky, CEO of SEO quake, has compiled a basic checklist for taking a site from scratch to a leading position. We tell you what steps will eliminate the factors that impede access to the top.

Practical site promotion tips

Checklist – A checklist that allows you to perform all the actions necessary to achieve the goal. We suggest that you create a checklist that allows you to do website promotion.


1. Optimize Title And Description to Increase CTR


CTR – the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertising banner or ad to the number of impressions in percentage.

Suppose the promotion of your site is successful, and it will come out on top in the search by keyword. In addition, a keyword has several thousand searches a month. 

You left with no traffic if users don’t select your page in SERP. and The transition to the site is made by a person.

He sees Title (title tag) and Description (description of the meta title). It is these two HTML tags that appear in the search results.

By title (Title) the user evaluates the relevance of the page to his request. It must include keywords at the beginning.

A Description must not exceed 150 characters. In this case, both Yandex and Google will “like” it. Along with keywords, the description should contain a call to action. For example, “Read on!”.

Remember that although both tags are written for search robots, they are read by people, and their content affects the user’s decision to make the transition to a specific site.

2. Perform Internal linking for your “Organic Website Promotion” 

Internal links – links to a specific page from other pages of the same site. Internal linking (linking site pages using links) improves usability, and users view more pages in one visit to the site. Thus, Internet resources rise in search results.

Search robots also click on internal links, which contributes to faster and better indexing of content. In other words, linking is the basics of optimization of any site.

You can also promote some inefficient pages using internal links. Ahrefs service can help in this matter.

This is an effective tool for analyzing the reference mass of an Internet resource. It allows you to find backlinks to the site and their parameters.

To promote the “lagging” pages you need:


  • Paste keywords into the Ahrefs Rank tracker and filter their ranking in positions 2–5. As a result, the service gives out a list of keywords for which your site currently occupies 2–5 positions.


  • Find pages on your site from which it is best to link to the selected one to increase its ranking. There are several ways.


  • For example, you have a website or blog dedicated to SEO optimization, and you want to find those pages that mention the phrase “Internet promotion”.


  • Type in the expression site: “the name of your site” “Internet promotion” into a Google search. As a result, you will get results with pages, the first of which is best to add links.


  • The second way involves using Ahrefs Site Explorer. You need to enter the name of your domain in the appropriate field and check the report “The Best Pages Incoming Links”. It’s better to embed links to pages at the top positions in this ranking.


  • They have a high “authority” that they can share with the page that you seek to promote.

3. Recover Lost “Link Juice” from dead pages

“Link juice” is a term used in the SEO field to refer to the weight transferred from one page to another.

This Transfer is via hyperlinks. Search engines perceive them as the “voices” of other sites in favor of your page and increase the position.

SEO experts know how difficult it is to get backlinks. It’s a shame when they lead to dead pages. In this case, their effectiveness is lost.

To restore the “link juice”, you need to look at the “Top links” report in the Site Explorer by Ahrefs and filter it by selecting “404 not found.”

The result will be a list of “dead” pages. If other sites link to them, then these pages should be restored or redirected to another corresponding page (301-1 redirect 301).

4. Use The “Reseller Method” To Increase The Credibility of Commercial Pages.

Success in website promotion depends on the quality of content and links. Content quality affects the formation of beneficial behavioral factors from site visitors.

Backlinks are perceived by search robots as evidence of the interest of the audience and are a criterion for promotion in search results.

There are two types of content – commercial and informational.

Pages with commercial content usually have fewer links, as people tend to share interesting and useful information rather than recommend products.

This observation formed the basis of the “Mediator Method”.

For its application, informational content is posted on commercial sites, for example, in the form of a blog with interesting articles.

They must be relevant to the information on the commercial pages. It is enough to find linkers (other people’s sites with good authority)

And somehow convince them to put a link to your information page. If all these actions are successful, then the information page will be able to act as an intermediary.

And transfer its “authority” to the commercial page, thereby contributing to the promotion of the latter.

You need to choose the right sites that will become a link donor for your Internet resource. They must have sufficient authority, if not then your efforts will be wasted.

5. Update Existing Content

Website promotion by content updating

There may be situations when the content that previously gave excellent traffic stops working. In such cases. It needs an update.

It is not necessary to change everything and everything. It’s enough to choose the right pages that will benefit from changing content.

There is no general advice for such a case. Can:


  • Use trial and error. The information on this or that page is probably just out of date. You can verify this by comparing the indicators of organic traffic.


  • If it grows, as in the figure, then everything is fine. Otherwise, you should upgrade the content.


  • Use Google Analytics. It is also worth checking the SERP of the primary keyword for each page for signs of freshness as a ranking factor. 


Now you know about five actions that should be performed to ensure effective website promotion, and you will be able to bring your Internet resource to leading positions according to your needs.


Website Promotion plays an important role. And when it comes to getting the traffic. If you do your website promotion correctly. Then you will leverage very good traffic by google. Website promotion can be done in both way 

A] Free Website Promotion

B] Paid Website Promotion.

I will explain it in brief for you. 

A] Free Website Promotion

In this method, you can use forums and social media such as Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter.

I will explain everything how you can do your website promotion through these channels in further posts. So that Bookmark this page and keep coming back.

B] Paid Website Promotion.

In this method, You need to do off-page SEO very effectively. Off-page SEO, it means to create high-quality backlinks for your website. 

You need to get ‘Relevant Backlinks’ from high DA websites. Most importantly, Here I have mentioned ‘Relevant Backlinks’ that mean for instance, If your website is on ” Health Niche.

And you are getting backlinks from “Tech Niche High DA Website”. It is completely pointless for your website. Google will count no credibility for your website if you are building this kind of backlinks.

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