What To Do After Flunking Out of College?

student started his journey after flunking out of college

I was having a cup of tea in my hand, and I saw it. My mom had a letter. I asked her, what’s that? Then she gave it to me. I opened the envelop and shocked.

The written lines were,

“Due to underperformance, we have dismissed you from college. Come and meet at the principal office.”

Indirectly I got flunked out of the college. Yes! I had dropped out of college but not by myself.

I don’t know how this has happened. Then I felt everything has finished. My friends will move ahead of me. I will remain in the same year.

 I did not understand what to do after flunking out of college. Suddenly my mind felt blank. My mom and dad are very supportive. 

They were supporting me by telling flunking out of the college doesn’t mean you are bad at every single field as you have dismissed from the college.

 You were ready to rampage through college. Things started well, but then the unthinkable happened, and now you’re back to square one. 

No matter you dropped out of college or were flunked out of college. Chances are, you may feel some confusion and fragility. 

But before you hide in your bed and swear that you will never speak to anyone again.

 Listen to this: you are not the first person that studies have not gone as expected, and you will not be the last. 

And although you may feel blind in your new situation. You are not a failure to be there. 

In fact, many famous entrepreneurs, business owners, and satisfied employees did not graduate from college and still have a full life.

They also dropped out of college. Lots of students are out there. Those have flunked out of college. However, they made their fortune.

 And they made something unique. They are living life like a kingsize. None of these would have happened if they didn’t flunk out of college.

10 Things To Do After Flunking Out of College.

1. Breathe

Girl Breathing at nature

That is: inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale. If you start to panic, think about the current moment.

 Although it may sound too simple and stupid, the times of instability and change are perfect to be aware of oneself. 

Being aware of yourself, or paying attention to our current thoughts, keeps us focused, calms us down, and makes our mind wander and focus.

2. Evaluate what you have learned

New learning in a group after flunking out of college

Even though you haven’t graduated, you have learned quite a few things during your time at university.

 Remember the beginning; 

Surely, you felt disoriented. 

And now? 

Well, you have learned to live away from home. To break the ice talking to strangers, to manage your time, to investigate and search for information, to make you food, to tour a new city. And so many other things. 

All of those achievements can make you feel great!

3. Get going even after flunked out of college

Get going even dropped out of the college

Get that passport; the world awaits you. 

If you travel you can flee from ordinary life, you will get away from questions from your family or friends about your studies. 

Indeed, You will get to know other cultures, foods, landscapes, and ways of life. 

But where to go after dropping out of college? Find inspiration on blogs, social media, talking to friends, doodling on scraps of paper, or simply spinning a globe and stopping it randomly. 

There is no better reset button than a few weeks (or months) away.

4. Learn a language

learn new language with the help of technology

Studying at the university takes time and commitment. 

Even if you can’t devote yourself to college right now. Because flunking out of college, doesn’t mean you can’t commit to other things.

 Learning a language is a perfect way to take advantage of the time you have to improve and also to plan your future. 

By attending a course, you will meet new people, you will set a goal for yourself, you will rediscover the discipline, and you will learn something new that you can apply in your future studies and jobs. 

An even better step would be to combine language learning with a trip by taking a course abroad.

Language to study: Chinese, Arabic, English, German, and French are very good options.

5. Learn something

Girl holding camera, learning photography after flunking out of college

 Photography, cooking, programming, graphic design, sewing, carpentry, painting, rock climbing, surfing, music, the list goes on. 

Take a course on something, anything! To rebuild yourself, regain confidence, and challenge yourself with something new. 

Who knows? You could discover a new passion during the process.

For more details, click here

6. Dust off an old hobby

Colors and brushes for a painting

During high school and college, we often put aside our hobbies to do homework and prepare for tests.

 This is perfectly understandable, but a life without interests outside of tudies and work can be tedious. 

Now you have free time. Recover some old hobby. It will come in handy to relax, reorganize, and dream of new possibilities for the future.

7. Start a small business

Street food smal business after flunking out of college

So much talking about attending classes and picking up hobbies has surely made your creativity flow! 

Why don’t you redirect that energy and combine it with a dash of entrepreneurial attitude? 


You are the proud owner of a great business idea! 

Whether your idea involves self-employment, selling craft products, planning events, or something else entirely.

 There are millions of blogs and online communities that can help you define your point of view and outline steps to find customers. 

It won’t necessarily be fast, but with time and dedication, you could end up working part-time or even full-time on your own!

8. Volunteer

Volunteer medical worker wearing red shirt

Find a goal and be proud of yourself by volunteering for a good cause. 

Since there are many charities and assistance organizations that need support, you first need to choose one of them. 

Start with what you are passionate about. 

It could be animal care, the environment, education, ending poverty, or finding a cure for a disease. 

Volunteers can find options in their city, country, or abroad. Some ads ask for a long-term commitment, which means you could be volunteering in another country for weeks or months.

9. Looking for part-time work

Part time work after dropping out of college

If you earn money, you will feel more independent and therefore increase your self-esteem.

 Upgrade your resume (include what you’ve learned in college, volunteer positions, or the societies you’ve belonged to) and go for them.

 Depending on the job you want, you can search for it through recruitment agencies or in person. 

An additional suggestion: if you are looking for a job in the hotel or retail sector, many managers appreciate that you bother to go to the establishment and introduce yourself personally.

10. Talk to a study advisor

College boy talking with study advisor about career

If you start to observe that you want to go back to college, consider visiting a study advisor first. 

It will help you define future goals and choose a course or study that you like. It is never too late to start again!


I hope you have gotten the answer to your question “what to do after flunking out of college.”

 You should not let yourself down by lowering your self-esteem just because of flunking out of college happened with you.

 You have to treat every problem as a challenge. So that you will develop an attitude like a champion, you will face any kind of difficulties. 

Forcefully dropping out of college doesn’t mean you have finished.

 You just got the new chance to explore yourself. And try to do something out of the box things. 

Remember, only those people (flunking out of college) are successful who never give up.  

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